Edify: The result of a thought of God

“We are not some casual and meaningless product of evolution. Each of us is the result of a thought of God.” — Pope Benedict XVI

Coming to know the truth of ourselves not as just some random accident of an unfeeling cosmos but as a deliberate choice of God, who crafted our soul and holds our very being in existence at each moment out of love, is a beautiful and healing thing.

fingerIn some ways, it can be even more beautiful and also healing to remember it about every person around us.

Sometimes being aware of this can be very profound and peaceful. Just recently I was in a restaurant, and a family was walking out. They had been sitting near us, and among them was a tall young man who was talking and making jokes to someone I took to be his mother. His manner struck me as vaguely annoying until I caught the way the woman looked at him, with love and pride and rapt attention.

This was enough to jar me out of my shallow observation into a deeper perception, that God was looking at the young man and his mother — and the older guy sitting across the way with his family, the gaggle of kids that had just come in with their mother, the young couple at the next table and me and my family — with infinitely more love and attention at that very moment.

We are so often tempted to reduce people to things — as means to some end or as obstacles to something we want or even just as entertainment for us to evaluate and judge. But with practice we can foster an awareness of this deep dignity, which will help us to find a more true vision, and with it more patience and love.

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