Very funny

I always find it amusing when a blogger initiates a friendly debate, loses the debate and then proceeds to edit the comments on the blog in such a way as to leave the impression of victory, when in fact the person has shown shocking ignorance of basic points and not engaged opposing arguments, with only sneers and gratuitous assertions in his or her favor.

So be forewarned that a blogger has done that to me here and here, deleting rebuttals such as the one in which I pointed out that St. Thomas Aquinas, writing from the mainstream of Christian thought before and after him, had clearly taught that the literal sense of Scripture was the foundation of all other senses of Scripture, contrary to the blogger’s opinion that no major theologian thought this before Moody in 1906. Apparently she was also unconcerned that St. Ignatius of Antioch, whose letters have been authenticated by historians, and who was probably ordained by Peter and taught the faith by John, clearly taught a bodily resurrection and gladly died for the spectacle of the Roman masses confessing that belief. (Well, duh. So did the rest of the Church Fathers.)

No, those salient facts were deleted from the site, while the blogger has now posted a sneer about how irrational and impervious to evidence us “religionists” are. So beware that whatever appears on that particular site does not reflect the actual discussion but includes some less than scrupulous editing.