Hey, that’s me!

I wrote a column for Living Stones News, a local Christian publication that did a profile on me some time back, about 40 Days for Life. You can read the column here. (The profile is here.)

An excerpt of the column:

This is a leap of faith. Bearing witness where people may yell obscenities at you is hard. Jesus said we are blessed when we are cursed for the sake of His name. Standing out in the elements and in the dark of night is hard. But remember Jesus once asked His disciples on a dark night, “Could you not watch with Me for one hour?” He was frequently known to spend all night in prayer in a desert place, and First Street is that at times.

We pray in pairs. One great way to get involved is to get a prayer partner who will join you at the vigil. Each of you could sign up for the same hour each week. In a similar way, a men’s group, youth group or Bible study could find eight people and fill four hours a week. Men are particularly needed for the overnight hours.

From apostolic times until the middle of the 20th century, Christians unanimously bore witness to the evil of abortion and similar practices. Early Christians were distinguished in part by their refusal to “expose” unwanted babies. We now often feel powerless, waiting on God to act. It reminds me of the disciples who met Jesus after His Transfiguration and told Him they could not cast out a demon. He answered, “This kind is not cast out but by prayer and fasting.”

I’m up to 20 hours after two last night with a couple of good friends. It’s often amazing to me how respecting the dignity of the homeless and addicted at this site is part of what the apostolate of 40 Days for Life is in Duluth.


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