40 Days for Life – Introduction

Having had a week to reflect, I’m going to be putting up several posts looking back on the 40 Days for Life experience.

If you are not familiar with 40 Days for Life, let me describe it briefly. It’s 40 days of prayer, fasting and education for the end to abortion. It began in late September and continued until early November. Part of it is a 24-hour a day constant vigil in front of an abortion mill, Planned Barrenhood or some related federal building like a courthouse. This was the first time for 40 Days in Duluth, as for many of the more than 170 cities that participated in 2008.

This year, more than 500 babies were saved nationwide, and one clinic is now closed. In Duluth, five babies were saved, an incalculable blessing.

Here, what the vigil meant was standing in one of the city’s toughest neighborhoods, with rough bars, liquor stores, porn shops and all that goes with them, including poverty, violence, addiction and prostitution, playing out around you.

Over 40 days, it adds up to 960 hours of vigil, at which two people are present almost all the time. In addition to my own individual prayer and fasting, I was able to spend more than 30 hours there for the vigil, all of it at night, praying, talking to people and holding a sign with a picture of a little baby on it.

This series of posts will tell the stories of my time there and the fruit of m time reflecting on the experience.